Why do people keep pets?

How to find a sense of control in life at this time when a person is unable to achieve success at work and has a bad interpersonal relationship? When talking about this question in class, I often give an answer in a joke: raise a dog, and then take the name of the leader for training.

keep pets

In recent days, more and more people keep pets. Why do so many people work so hard to raise these kittens and puppies?

First, people’s lives need a sense of control, but now social life is not easy. Many people have insufficient confidence in work and others, and “dogs are man’s best friends”, pets will not betray you, so keep pets It is a manifestation of lack of interpersonal trust and a way to satisfy the sense of control of life in disguise.

Second, raising a pet is similar to raising a child. However, due to my country’s childbirth policy and other restrictions, children are not meant to be raised. Moreover, compared to raising a child, raising a pet does not have to pay much, but it is a relative responsibility. Much smaller. Not only do children have to give birth, but they also have to be raised. That is much more difficult. Pets have many choices when raising them, and they don’t have too many educational responsibilities. However, whether raising children or pets, they can satisfy themselves with love and communication. The needs of people, why not do it?

Third, human life is inherently diverse, and happiness is inherently diverse. Some people like to grow flowers and grasses, some like mahjong, and some like to raise cats and dogs. They are all different ways to enrich their leisure life and increase the joy of life. , There is no such thing as good or bad.

Love pets, have a degree

Keeping pets is nothing new. Jiang Kun’s cross talk at the Spring Festival Gala even said: “I used to raise a son called a dog, now I have a puppy called a son.” He treats pets as new members of the family and talks about pets. The child’s tone is exactly the same, and even some young couples raise a pet as a child before giving birth. This type of family is called “Ding Chong”. Experts believe that pets are the emotional sustenance of the breeder and can meet some of their psychological needs, but there are advantages and disadvantages. Excessive infatuation may cause escape from life, so pay attention to adjustment.

“Ding Chong” is a kind of substitute psychology

In DINK families with stable incomes and high consumption levels, pets can be seen as a substitute for children. Chi Yukai, associate professor of psychology at South China Normal University, pointed out that “the long-term pure DINK may appear lonely and bored, and pets can adjust the atmosphere of the pure two-person world.” The well-known psychological counselor Yu Donghui pointed out that keeping pets is more selective than raising children and has less responsibility pressure. Therefore, choosing pets as an alternative can be said to kill two birds with one stone for the DINK family.

Pets meet the needs of communication and control

Everyone who lives in a social group is not an independent and closed individual, and needs to communicate with others in order to achieve the needs of emotional expression and exchange of ideas. Shen Jiahong, director of the Guangzhou Baiyun Institute of Psychology, said: “Nowadays, social competition is very cruel, and it is very lost in real life, so I confide in pets to make up for the psychological deficiency.”

In addition, everyone needs a certain sense of control over life and interpersonal relationships to achieve self-satisfaction and affirmation. Professor Chi believes that pets have just achieved this. Pets are completely private and obey the owner. The control of pets can greatly satisfy the need for self-affirmation.

Keeping pets pay attention to establishing a balanced model

Everything in the world has certain rules, and everything goes wrong. There are indeed many benefits to keeping pets, but some people are struggling to survive because of the death of their pets, and they cannot live normally without their pets. This phenomenon of excessive dependence also has certain drawbacks. In adjusting the psychology of over-reliance on pets, experts suggest establishing a balanced model.

Don’t put all the focus of life on pets, discover more hobbies, and discover the wonders of the world. Pets are not the only ones who can enjoy life. Make the content and way of life more diversified, so that when there are no pets, there is no way to relax and relax, there is no way to kill time and resolve emotions.

We should reach out to people more, communicate with others more, and establish a balanced relationship. Starting from the establishment of an intimate relationship with relatives, gradually expand the scope of interpersonal communication and establish a connection of love. For children, we must start from the parents. Parents should care more and accompany their children more, so that they must have their own friends in addition to pets to form a complementary relationship.

The child is afraid of keeping a small pet alone

According to reports, studies abroad have confirmed that the physical condition of lonely elderly people who keep pets to accompany their daily lives are relatively good and their life span has been prolonged.

In our country, there are many one-child families at present, and parents are busy with work and cannot accompany their children often. So, keep pets to accompany the children. Director Shen Jiahong said that this has great benefits, which can reduce the feeling of loneliness and increase the sense of security in children. However, if the child’s dependence on pets exceeds that of his parents, he is alerting his parents, and the child may be in need of his parents’ attention.


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