Use hula hoop to thin waist and pay attention to 5 points

Exercise is not a matter of a day or two, and obesity is not caused by a day or two. If you want to lose weight and thin waist and rely on the hula hoop, you must insist on it. Otherwise, how can it be effective? Of course, part of the reason is that you need to know what you need to know when shaking the hula hoop, do you know it? Did you pay attention?

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   Hula hoop exercise thin waist principle:

   1. Because it is a prolonged exercise time and a continuous exercise, when entering the stage of aerobic exercise, it can fully exercise the fat and muscles of the waist and abdomen to achieve the effect of thin waist.

  2, turning the hula hoop can help the peristalsis of the intestines, promote defecation, can effectively prevent and treat constipation, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.

hula hoop

  Hula hoop thin waist 5 matters needing attention:

   1. Choose a hula hoop that suits you

   The heavier the hula hoop, the better the effect may not be. The important point is to exercise for a longer time. Hula hoop exercise is also aerobic exercise. Since it is aerobic exercise, of course, the longer the exercise, the better the weight loss effect, and the heavy hula hoop will hit the organs in the abdomen and back during the transfer process. The internal organs may be injured, so choose a hula hoop that fits your weight. The editor recommends that the best hula hoop is a kind of hula hoop wrapped with rattan. Its weight is moderate, it will not cause damage to the body, and the weight loss effect is also very good.

  2, not everyone is suitable for hula hoop

  Hula hoop is a good exercise for thin waist, but it is not suitable for people with lumbar muscle strain or calcium deficiency. To turn the hula hoop is to rely on the waist to exert force. Only when the psoas, side psoas and abdominal muscles are exercised can the lower abdomen be tightened and the goal of thin waist can be achieved. Therefore, if you are among the above-mentioned people, it is better to use hula hoops less.

   3. How long does it take to turn the hula hoop to lose weight?

   After choosing the hula hoop, you can start to lose weight. Hula hoop is a kind of aerobic exercise that consumes less calories, so it can continue to burn fat. In order to achieve the best weight-loss effect, it must be performed once a day, each time it takes 30 to 40 minutes. In this way, the fat in the waist and abdomen can be burnt up a little under the dual action of exercise and massage, and the best effect of thin waist can be achieved.

   4. Warm up before turning to the hula hoop

  Before performing the hula hoop warm-up exercise, do some proper warm-up exercises to make all the links live, so as to prevent the sudden movement after the exercise from causing injury. Especially the waist, you need to twist a few twists and flex the muscles and bones of the waist. In this way, waist strain caused by turning the hula hoop can be avoided.

   5. The rotating speed of the hula hoop should be even

   Rotating the hula hoop needs to maintain a stable and uniform motion, so that the hula hoop can play its best role. The body feels relaxed and the breathing is smooth. You can walk a little bit to avoid fatigue of local muscles and joints caused by repeated exercises for a long time.

   Extra tips for thin waist

   After turning the hula hoop, you can do some simple body relaxation exercises, such as gently tapping the waist and abdomen with both hands to accelerate blood circulation. This can continue the thin waist effect.

   In addition to exercise to lose weight, but also to pay attention to diet. Drink plenty of lactic acid bacteria drinks. Increase lactic acid bacteria and fiber to improve constipation. At the same time, drink plenty of water every day and keep drinking 2000 ml of water every day. This value does not include juice, coffee, milk tea and other beverages.

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