What are the benefits of wearing yoga clothes?

Comfortable and natural

The most important thing for a good yoga wear is to be comfortable, natural and functional. Because in the whole process of yoga, people need to feel comfortable physically in order to fully blend in. Therefore, the standard of comfort and nature is to wear a yoga suit on the upper body, and naturally feel comfortable and relaxed, without a sense of restraint.

yoga clothes

Moisture wicking

For the fabric of yoga clothes, it is best to choose a material that absorbs moisture and helps to wick away perspiration. Although this fabric is not a pure natural material, it can allow people to evaporate the dripping sweat in time when they are doing yoga, and it will not be like cotton. Like hemp, although the ability to absorb sweat is strong, it will stick to the body when wet, and it is difficult to dry, and it will easily cause eczema over time. There are many fabrics that absorb moisture and wick away sweat. You should choose yoga clothes with a more delicate texture and better elasticity.

Take care of your belly button

Yoga clothes should cover the belly button. You can make the top a little longer or the trousers a little higher. Because of yoga practice, the abdomen is stressed and tightened at any time to allow the organs and magnetic field in the abdominal cavity to continue to operate, but if the important part of the belly button is exposed to the outside, it is not good for people who pay attention to health and fitness effects. .

How to maintain yoga clothes

Newly purchased yoga clothes must be gently washed with water to remove the floating color and then dry before wearing. The washing powder detergent is not necessary for the first time. The clothes have a fixing agent. Washing can strengthen the dyeing and make the color fixed. The agent is more stable. Be especially careful not to wear unwashed yoga clothes to go to general or high-temperature yoga. A lot of sweat will break down the fixative in the clothes and cause the clothes to fade. Moreover, when practicing yoga, the pores will open and the color of the clothes will easily invade. skin.
For daily cleaning, hand-washing in cold water is the best, and the maximum water temperature should not exceed 30℃. Please wash and dry as soon as possible after a lot of sweating or keep it well ventilated. If you are using a washing machine, please put it in the laundry bag first and turn it over to wash. Gentle washing is recommended. Be sure to wash the shades separately. Soak it for 1-2 minutes, don’t soak it for a long time. It is best to use color protection or underwear washing liquid. Do not put it in hot or humid places, do not dry and iron, do not add bleach, fluffing agent, or laundry detergent and softener containing bleaching ingredients; please put it flat as soon as possible after cleaning. Let dry.

yoga clothes

The fabrics of yoga clothes are very professional and high-end. The more high-end yoga clothes fabrics are, the less heavy fixatives (such as formaldehyde) will be used, so there will be a little fading during washing (especially the first washing or bright The color will be more obvious), as long as the color of the clothes is new and no mottle appears after drying, it is normal.

How to clean yoga clothes

Cotton and linen yoga clothes: Cotton and linen yoga clothes are hygroscopic, breathable and comfortable to wear. They can be washed directly in the washing machine when washing, but don’t be careful not to put them in the washing machine for too long to avoid peculiar smell.
Polyester yoga clothing: Polyester yoga clothing has good elasticity, durability, and wrinkle resistance. When washing, use a softener, and wash it separately from other intimate clothing according to the situation. If you have free time, you can wash it by hand.

yoga clothes

Linen yoga clothing: Linen yoga clothing has strong sweat absorption and is not close to the body. It is suitable for people with a lot of sweat and strong endocrine. If it gets soiled, it is recommended to wash it by hand with cold water when washing, and it should be noted that it should not be wringed out. , Dry directly to avoid deformation of the clothes.
Viscose yoga clothing: Viscose yoga clothing has good elasticity, light texture, and is light and comfortable to wear. When cleaning, be careful not to dry clean, do not soak in a basin for a long time, and do not use bleach to clean it. After cleaning, it is best to hang in the sun to dry quickly.

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