Why keep pets and the benefits of keeping pets?


When you are depressed or stressed from outside, have you ever felt a sense of relief from looking at the photos of your beloved pets? People who keep pets at home must have also touched its back, the mood changes peacefully and has a pleasant experience of relaxing mood. [Animal therapy] is very popular abroad. It is highly valued for its therapeutic methods that can heal the mind and produce combat power against diseases. Not only do pets look dexterous and cute, they can also bring many positive effects, and even the medical community is also quite eye-catching. Whether you keep pets or not, why not change your view of pets again?

keep pets

The 1998 survey results in Australia and Germany fully demonstrated the benefits of keeping companion animals: dog and cat owners tend to seek medical treatment less frequently than non-pet owners, and spend much less time in hospital, which can save a lot of medical expenses. In Australia, dog and cat owners visit a doctor 12% less than non-owners; in Germany 16% less. They spend an average of 32% less time in hospital than non-owners. At the same time, dog and cat owners take medicine to treat heart disease and sleep difficulties are obviously much less than non-owners, and there is a huge difference in hospitalization time between pet owners and non-owners. In addition, some children have been overly pampered by their parents since childhood and are used to being taken care of by others. However, if they have pets, they can cultivate their sense of responsibility by learning to care for and caring for small animals.

keep pets

Benefits of pets:

1. Pets, as our human companion animals, are a source of happiness and healthy life for our humans. Keeping pets can make people’s lives healthier and more fulfilling. At the same time, it is good for the human heart and can lower blood pressure and blood lipids. Research has found Suffering from heart disease and some chronic diseases, after raising pet dogs and cats, the clinical symptoms can be significantly reduced by adjusting some of the people’s psychological state. By walking the dog and playing with it, people can relax their spirits.

2. For some lonely elderly people living alone, it is beneficial to their physical and mental health. Through communication with pets, they can make their lives more fulfilling. Dogs are the best companions for people who live alone. For some single elderly people who have accidents at home, such as sudden strokes and heart attacks, trained companion pets can act as an alarm in time.

3. Raising pets in an increasingly competitive society can provide spiritual support, especially when encountering a shock, communicating with pet dogs is conducive to the mental health of the breeder and alleviates all kinds of unnecessary stress in life. , Thereby improving work efficiency.

4. Keeping pets can cultivate children’s sense of responsibility, love and social skills. When a child raises a dog, he will play a positive role. Moreover, dogs are widely used by psychologists to treat or help children or adults with problems. Raising small dogs will give children a sense of responsibility and understanding and sympathy for animals from an early age. These are often transferred to people and produce the same effect of understanding and compassion and care for people.

keep pets

5. Keeping pets can protect the family, prevent the family from being stolen, and protect the family so that the whole family has a sense of security. Pets are very sensitive to hearing and smell, and they are very loyal to the owner’s family. In the event of an accident, pets will step forward to protect their owner and family regardless of their own lives. In addition, if there is some gas leak in the house or if you forget to turn off the faucet, It will also remind the owner in time.

6. Keeping pets can also achieve the effect of curing diseases. If a person suffering from stomach problems raises a long-haired dog, often holding the dog in his arms is beneficial to the recovery of the stomach.

7. Keeping pets can also bring unlimited fun and become a source of happiness and joy, and can promote people to exercise and provide opportunities for people to communicate with each other.

8. Foreign surveys of dogs and cats have found that having pets can significantly improve their health, and the number of visits to the doctor each year is significantly reduced. Even if they are sick, their symptoms are significantly lighter than those who don’t have pets, so keeping pets can significantly reduce the number of people we use for treatment. Sick medical expenses.

9. In addition, as an industry, pets are becoming more and more important in the economy and society, which can solve the employment of many people and the development of related industries. According to reports, the pet-related industry in Shanghai is nearly 600 million yuan per year. There are pet grooming, supplies, medicine, pet hospital, pet feed, etc. At the same time, some related industries on pets are being developed.

Experts believe that pets can have a good impact on people, which is absolutely impossible to go wrong. Therefore, I also hope that you will have a better understanding of pets and build a more profound relationship with each other.


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