Temporary Tattoo


What is a temporary tattoo?

Temporary tattoos, also called disposable tattoos, refer to patterns made on the surface of human skin. The patterns will disappear automatically after a few days or weeks. They can also be cleaned quickly with alcohol. Temporary tattoos are now more and more accepted: on the one hand, because traditional tattoos cannot be completely removed, more and more people are choosing to use temporary tattoos to satisfy themselves; on the other hand, because traditional tattoos are a This traumatic process will have certain damage to the skin, especially for people with allergic physique, it is absolutely inappropriate, but temporary tattoos will not cause any skin problems, and can be safely applied to anyone; then, In some temporary occasions, such as performances, taking pictures, etc., temporary tattoos can quickly provide patterns and are easy to clean afterwards.


Temporary Tattoo

Main species

1. Color-painted tattoos, also called pen-painting, are directly painted by the tattoo artist with special paint pens.
2. Ouyang Wengang’s sticker tattoo is to stick the existing picture directly on his skin. This kind of retention time is not long, and it is generally suitable for temporary occasions such as performances.
3. Scrape the tattoo, the operation process: cut the template and stick it tightly on the skin (must be taut), use a trowel or a hard piece of phone card dipped in liquid medicine and scrape it on the white place (mostly It is good to form once), so as to avoid repeated scraping and blur the pattern. After scraping, gently peel it off from one side to the other. Wash the template again.
4. Inkjet tattoos, inkjet tattoos include: air pumps, airbrushes, matte pigments, fine computer templates, pen holders, air lines, setting fluids, etc.


Temporary Tattoo


1. Temporary, all kinds of temporary tattoos can be stored on the body for 3 to 60 days, and the patterns can be changed at will according to personal preference;
2. Environmental protection, a variety of temporary tattoo pigments, non-toxic and harmless to the body, without any side effects, and contains a variety of natural plant extracts, customers can feel confident and bold;
3. Diversity, the templates used for temporary artistic tattoos cover many categories such as characters, animals, flowers, totems, cartoons, etc., and customers can choose a wide range of patterns;
4. Inexpensive, temporary artistic tattoos have a great price advantage compared with tattoos and artistic paintings. The cost is only a few yuan or less to enjoy perfect body art, which is very attractive to consumers;
5. High quality, the templates used for temporary artistic tattoos are all made by professional temporary tattoo designers and engineers, and the templates themselves contain high artistic value;
6. Safety. Traditional tattoos are harmful to the skin and may cause many skin diseases. However, temporary tattoos only create patterns on the surface of the skin and do not penetrate the skin. For many people, including allergies People of physique and teenagers are very suitable.

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