What are the advantages and disadvantages of turning hula hoop?

Now, many people are beginning to regain hula hoops to lose weight, thinking that hula hoops can make their stomachs thinner. However, some people think that the rotation of the hula hoop will cause discomfort in the stomach. In the end, what are the advantages and disadvantages of switching to a hula hoop? What should we pay attention to?


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Benefits of turning hula hoop:

1. It can be used to thin the waist and is also a good helper for leg and arm bodybuilding.

2. The effect of squeezing acupuncture: Give the abdomen and waist a squeezing effect like massage and acupuncture.

3. Treatment of constipation: often use a spring hula hoop to wrap it around the waist, which can stimulate the intestines, treat constipation, and effectively eliminate the pain caused by constipation.

4. Weight loss: The center force generated by the spring has a motion effect that is 3 times heavier than the actual weight. The massage of the waist by the spring and the large amount of limb exercise when rotating the hula hoop can effectively burn body fat, and it can achieve fitness while losing weight. Purpose, weight loss and fitness are both correct.

Disadvantages of turning hula hoop:

1. The hula hoop is a pure waist exercise with a small amount of exercise. It is not realistic to rely on this exercise to achieve weight loss. Moreover, the part of the hula hoop torsion and swing is just at the junction of the thoracic and lumbar spine, and the spine is excessively twisted or abdominal pressure is sudden When it increases, it may cause a sudden change in the pressure in the spinal canal, causing blood vessels to rupture.

2. The lap fitness must be scientific, otherwise it will be counterproductive. First of all, pay attention to exercise time should not be too long, generally normal adult continuous exercise for 15-20 minutes is the best; hula hoop should not be too heavy, the size should not be too large, the weight is about the degree that the index finger and middle finger can bear; lumbar muscle strain Those with spine injuries, and those with osteoporosis are not suitable for this exercise.

3. Turning the hula hoop mainly depends on the waist, fully exercise the lumbar muscles, abdominal muscles, side psoas muscles, twisting the waist for a long time, it is easy to cause or aggravate lumbar muscle strain, lumbar facet joint hyperplasia and lumbar disc herniation, suffering from osteoporosis People who suffer from aggravation will aggravate the condition. Elderly people and people with poor heart function are prone to arrhythmia or heart failure. In addition, long-term torsion in the same direction is also prone to intestinal volvulus.

Precautions for weight loss with hula hoop


hula hoop

1. Control time and cycle

The hula hoop method of weight loss belongs to aerobic exercise to lose weight. It takes more than half an hour to persist in one exercise, so that the body’s fat can begin to burn, and then adhere to the aerobic state. This method of weight loss is actually very easy and simple, but it is necessary to have a weight loss plan and a detailed exercise cycle, otherwise it will be easy to rebound after weight loss!

2. The rotation speed should not be too fast

Rotating the hula hoop needs to maintain a stable and uniform motion, so as to play the best role of the hula hoop. The body feels relaxed, and it is advisable to breathe smoothly. The feet do not need to be too stalemate, and you can move slightly to avoid fatigue of local muscles and joints caused by repeated exercise for a long time.

3. Not suitable for exercise during menstruation

Many people think that the amount of hula hoop exercise is not large, and it can be exercised during the menstrual period. In fact, in women in the middle and late stages of menstruation, luteal cysts may appear on the periphery of the ovaries. Because the cysts are fragile, if the abdomen is squeezed vigorously to cause the cyst to rupture, the accompanying internal bleeding may be fatal. Women’s physiological structure is quite special, and exercises during pregnancy, menstruation, and before and after menstruation should be done carefully.

4. Be prepared

Before performing the hula hoop warm-up exercise, do some proper warm-up exercises to make all the links live in order to prevent the sudden exercise from causing damage. Especially the waist, you need to twist a few twists and flex the muscles and bones of the waist. In this way, waist strain caused by turning the hula hoop can be avoided.

5. Choose the weight that suits you

Hula hoop props are very common in the market. There are big and small, different weights, and materials are also very different. MMs who lose weight must choose the tools that suit them. A hula hoop that is too heavy will cause some damage to the body, so it is best to choose the size that suits you.

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