5 Fun DIY temporary tattoo ideas

DIY temporary tattoo are all the rage now. They are great projects, right in the hands of any gathering. They are great bachelorettes, birthday parties. DIY temporary tattoos have also become fantastic gifts and gifts. To open your eyes to the world of kindness to temporary tattoos, please check out the free templates below.


Table of contents:

  1. sailor
  2. Snowflake
  3. Bachelorette party
  4. My heart mother
  5. In the navy

1. sailor


temporary tattoo

How cute are these DIY temporary tattoo designs? These have a sailor theme and art that closely resembles real skin. To transfer these patterns to your skin, you will need tattoo paper and a wet towel. You will need to print the pattern on the tattoo paper first. You put a sticker on the rubber sheet and rub it on the design. Cut the tattoo, then peel off the plastic layer. Then put the tattoo on your skin, wipe it with a damp cloth, and then peel off the paper.

2. snowflakes



These are beautiful! Although you might think that these will only work for the Christmas or holiday party, it is likely that young children will not care at all. They will want their colorful temporary tattoos, no matter the time of year.



3. bachelorette party


temporary tattoo

After DIY temporary tattoo free template, the link has an excellent design for a fun bachelor party event. Before your bride and other bridesmaids go out to the club or spa for this party, print patterns and decorate your arms. It will stick moments for the female compatriots, I’m sure it’s fun.

4. my heart mom


temporary tattoo

aw how sweet! The free temporary tattoo template provided here also provides a classic design: wrap it with a ribbon, the word mother. It is really cute. Hold on to your arm, have a fun photo shoot, and send the photo to your mom as a gift on Mother’s Day.



5. in the navy


temporary tattoo

These are similar themes, sailor DIY temporary tattoos, but the free template provides cute pen styles to come in. These illustrations are absolutely wonderful. My love of sailor tatttoos retro feel. I think they will look pretty cute in nautical style fashion shoots. There are also floral patterns and other patterns.

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