15 “garden decoration lights” design, romantic and delicate courtyard under the night

Courtyard decoration, beautiful courtyard lighting combined with flower and grass landscape, when night falls, the lights in the yard are lit, and the entire yard will reach an extraordinary mood under the background of the lights. Therefore, in the warm yard, we sit quietly It’s so comfortable.


garden decoration

The courtyard design is modern and simple style, Chinese style, Japanese style, American style, Nordic style, industrial style, etc. There are many kinds, “garden decoration lamp” is added to the courtyard, and the touch of sentiment makes the courtyard romantic and exquisite.


garden decoration

The courtyard garden on the picture is different from the traditional American style, which is heavy and heavy. Under the decoration of lights, it feels very fresh.

Choose some garden lights to echo the lights in the house.

Courtyard lighting design

Local lighting can also be used to enhance the atmosphere.

You can freely change the angle,

The effects of combined lighting are constantly changing.

Rustic retro style ball chandelier

Chinese style postmodern minimalist design is more popular than other styles

In summer, in the garden, barbecue, sing and dance, garden decoration lights play a finishing touch in the garden

Rural style garden lights, comfortable colors, artistic atmosphere, sweet and lovely

The application range of solar garden lights is indeed very wide. Solar garden lights can be seen in parks, squares, shopping malls, gardens and residential areas.

The solar garden lamp is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It uses solar energy as a source of electricity through science and technology. Its fashionable appearance can satisfy people’s pursuit of different styles.


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